Face to Face

There may be times when a face to face meeting is more appropriate.

Depending on the capacity of the team at any given time, a face to face meeting might be arranged with either your DIAS Officer or with one of the DIAS volunteers.

DIAS Volunteers – work under the supervision of DIAS Officers to support parents, carers, children and young people. All of our volunteers are trained in SEND and are fully DBS checked. Volunteers carry out their role within the DIAS guidelines of confidentiality, impartiality and are fully supported and supervised by a member of the DIAS team, as well as undergoing on-going training as part of their role with DIAS.

Some of our volunteers have been specifically trained to work directly with young people to provide advice and support. A volunteer in this role will be trained to support young people in the decision-making process to encourage them to reach the outcomes they wish to achieve and take control of their future.

A face to face meeting may be needed to support you in the following areas;

  • Helping to write official letters and complete forms
  • Helping to gather the views and wishes of parents/carers and young people
  • Explaining the meaning of official documents
  • Assisting in the statutory assessment process (EHC needs assessment)

Referral to the correct organisation or contact


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