The Independent Support Programme

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Over the last few years lots of parents and carers in Devon have had their child or young person’s statement transferred to an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. Many of you will have had help from an Independent Supporter to do that. Some of you will have had help during an annual review of your EHC plan too.

Now that all the transfers from statement to EHC plan have been done, the Independent Support programme in Devon will be ending. It finishes on 31st July 2018.

We know that some parents and carers are still being supported by someone from IS and may be worried about what will happen after the end of July. IS and DIAS have been working together to make sure all parents and carers still using IS will be well supported.

Here’s what will happen when the programme finishes:

  • IS will finish their work with parents and carers wherever possible before the 31st July 2018.
  • If you need support after that time, your independent supporter will ask you for permission to handover to DIAS. If you agree to this, you’ll get support from a DIAS Officer to finish your annual review.
  • If you need support in the future for any issue to do with your child or young person’s EHC plan, that support will be given by DIAS.

If you have any queries, contact us for more information.


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