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There’s a new page on our website, called You said, we did, which helps us share the feedback we get about our service and how we have responded.

We are always trying to improve our service to ensure our families are getting the support they want and need. One way we do this is by capturing feedback from the people who use our services. We collect feedback in several ways using postal questionnaires, telephone interviews, internet surveys and questionnaires following training events.

On the whole, our users are happy with the service they get from us. 96% of users said that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the service they receive. 92% of respondents are likely or highly likely to recommend our service to others.

When we have comments that are less positive, we analyse the feedback and look again at the support we give to see whether we could do something more or do it differently. We regularly reflect on our practice to make sure we give the best service we can.

Now, you can see the feedback we have had and see what we did in response by visiting the You said we did page in the About us section!

If you want to tell us about the service you’ve had, whatever you feel it’s been like, we always keen to hear what you have to say. You can complete our online survey or contact us directly if you have more detailed comments to make.

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