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If you’ve ever wanted to know the difference between EHC and EHE,  got your SENs mixed up with your SLTs or even found you’ve got a NEET or an EWO on your hands, then you need the DIAS jargon buster!

Updated and revised for 2018, the DIAS jargon buster has explanations of more than 70 of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations you’ll come across in the world of special educational needs. It’s an A to Z of commonly used services, educational words and phrases and professional roles.

As a parent or carer of someone with a special educational needs it can sometimes feel like the professionals, and sometimes other parents, are speaking another language. The jargon buster is here to give you extra confidence by helping you to prepare and giving you information you can check when you’re not sure.  And when you’re talking to a teacher or education professional or in a meeting and someone says something you don’t understand,  always ask them to explain too!

You can download the jargon buster or contact us for a copy.

If you think we’ve missed anything or you have suggestions for how we can improve it, contact Sarah Smith, DIAS Information Officer.

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