Better outcomes from meetings training

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Free DIAS training for parents and carers

better-outcomes-exeter-thumbnailSchool and college meetings are a part of everyday life if your child has special educational needs or a disability. Good meetings give you a clear sense of your child’s needs, support and progress and leave you feeling positive, listened too and understood.

But sometimes meetings don’t go as well as they could. As a parent you might find them challenging and stressful, or feel out of your depth or confused.

If you’ve ever wanted to get more out of the meetings you have, or want to feel empowered and positive about them, then this training is for you!

Better Outcomes from meetings is an interactive training session for parents, carers and special guardians. Using film clips based on real school meetings and discussion, you’ll learn about ways to make meetings better for everyone, such as how to

  • get ready for meetings and prepare well
  • manage when something unexpected happens or there’s disagreement
  • understand other people’s views and why the behave the way they do
  • end a meeting with agreement and a clear plan

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